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So Many Butterflies! (dora The Explorer Ready-to-read)

Rating 4
So Many Butterflies

Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon

Author: Lara Bergen

Your child will love this fantastic book. Written by Lara Bergen and the publisher is Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon. The child's book went on sale around December of 2009. The book is 24 pages long and it has colorfully illustrated pages. Based on the TV series Dora the Explorer as seen on Nick Jr, add to cart by clicking the weblink below.

Dora needs some photographs for her spring photo album. Rebus icons on every single page   to help young readers.   A charming springtime   treat for all Boots and Dora fans! Soon she and Boots are off on a new adventure to photograph   butterflies. The butterflies support Dora and Boots learn to count, and assist teach them their colors, too!


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